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6 years ago today, someone drove out of a no exit road in a stolen car, crashed into me and ran away. I don't remember an awful lot about what happened. I don't remember the impact, or any pain. I have no idea whether I was unconscious for seconds or not. I don't remember the blood or the tears. But I remember the kindness of strangers. I recall the ambulance, the police, the cocophony of strange noises, the street lights...& I remember his face as he stared at me through the window as I sat trapped in my car as he ran past - leaving me to face up to a life that has never been the same, while he got away. He has never been found. I have had every treatment, operation and therapy available to me. Some have worked, some haven't. I have taken every pain killer that can be prescribed, some take the edge off, others don't. I have been angry, sad, frightened, lonely, broken, weak...I have cried and I have wished and I have given up fighting. Most days, I get by OK. Thanks to the love of