Interview – Josh Caterer Of The Smoking Popes |
Q: Hey Josh. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. How have you been doing? A: No problem. I'm doing great. Very busy these days. Q: Now that the new album is out, how are you feeling about it? Is it a weight lifted off your shoulder? A: I wouldn't describe it as a weight on my shoulders. It's more like a pressure from within that finally gets relieved. Putting out a new album is like lancing a boil. Q: Being the bands first album with the original lineup in 20 years, is that something that you thought would ever happen again after the initial breakup of the lineup? A: After we initially broke up, I never thought the Popes would play again, with our without the original lineup. So the fact that we're doing this at all is amazing to me. And after playing with other drummers for so many years, being back to the original lineup feels very natural. We're all pretty energized by it. Q: With this album being the most political thing the Popes have released, where did your desire