Did He Just Say That?
You've arrived at the range, you stop by counter to check-in and here comes Fred. Fred takes a look at you and says... Oh no, better watch out, she has a gun. Women should shoot revolvers, they are simple. Here's a pink gun you will like. Forget that gun, this one is a Muddy Girl. You have to have big hands to handle big guns. Your hands are too small to shoot a gun properly. To his friend, you better not let a girl beat you. Are you sure you want to shoot THAT? You can't carry a .45, it's too powerful for you. This range is too long for you, the shorter one is over there. Women always limp-wrist, they are too weak to hold a gun properly. Women can't rack the slide of this gun, it's too hard. You shooting a .22 or .380? Do you want me to show you how to handle that gun? Wow, your husband lets you shoot his guns? Whoa, that gun is bigger than you! If the women are done clucking... Do you know how to load that? It never fails, they say exactly what they are thinking without thinking