What is the difference between private classes and small group classes? Private classes are designated for a specific number of individuals that wish to take a class together. Private classes can be held at your choice of location or at Caromi Rural Fire Station at 554 College Park Road, Ladson SC by Live Love Load (with time to plan ahead) according to scheduling availability. Girlfriend Gun Parties are designed to be private but Live Love Load may host a few during the month open to the community to join. Private classes & private Girlfriend Gun Parties will be scheduled at the preference of the host and scheduling availability. Small group classes will have a mix of participants. Class size will depend on the content, most shooting classes will stay below 6 students per class. Small group classes are scheduled on our events page and on each class page. Just pick a date to attend! I would like to take a class, how do I enroll? Under each page for the classes there is a contact