Recall, Dreamliner and Lunchrooms
Good Morning!I told Sally I don't have much to say this morning so I better get on it and get home for a little break. We both are feeling the time pressure that goers along with a trip home for the Holidays. This year in particular we'd like to be well prepared for whatever comes along as we cart the boys off to The Windy City. I'm sure we'll forget something but this is one of the areas I made the right choice for a wife. She excels where I historically fall short. I would be the one on I-80 having one of those gut dropping moments where I want to beat myself upside the head because I forgot something, or underwear, or the boys. Sally gets us started early and usually has exhausted every kind of list she can make by the time we get out of town. That also usually leads to us getting wherever we're going with all of the things we need. I usually still forget my toothbrush.To the news:RecallSo if you're a parent, are you confused about the recall of the H1N1 flu vaccine. I was when I first heard of it yesterday. I got the shot and booster for both my kids and bottom line from the docs is that they'll be fine. Sure, I guess, I hope so. What else are you supposed to say? I'm not going out and getting them another round of the shots, so I guess we'll just hope for the best. I can see a lot of people asking...if the vaccine is fine and our kids are protected with two shots...why the recall?SidewalksThe girls were giving me a well deserved hard time about my history with the public works department and snow removal. We did a story reminding people they can be fined if they don't clear their walk. That reminded Jeriann that I'd been fined in the past. I've written about it here before so I won't go into detail, but I did make the comment this morning : Talk to your neighbor before you go to the cops about their walk. Maybe they're having a bad week, maybe their leg is broken, maybe a relative is in the hospital. You don't know that the person is just being a snow clearing sloth. NCAA x 2We're getting the Track and Field Championships again in 2011 and 2012. It's a great "get" for Drake and for the City of Des Moines. They must have done something right the first time they hosted. Besides, who knows how to run a track meet better than Drake?DreamlinerDid you see the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner take off and land yesterday on its first test flight? It has to bee cool being behind the controls of an aircraft the first time it takes off. The wings on this thing are remarkable. The flex that they showed yesterday on landing makes me wonder what that thing is going to look like with 300 people aboard?LunchroomsUSA Today put a report out this morning revealing inspections for many of the nations school lunchrooms fall well short of standards. Here in Iowa about half of reporting lunchrooms showed fewer than the required amount of inspections. The USDA is supposed to require these inspections happen twice a year or they're supposed to kick the school out of the federal lunch program. The reality of this is that the lawmakers in Washington make this law so they can SAY they want school lunchrooms to be safe...then they don't so anything to FUND the inspections they just required. There aren't enough inspectors to do the job. Personally I think this should be handled on the local level. That way the people who actually run the District are accountable. Makes you want to pack a lunch for the kids doesn't it?SantaJust a heads up. Greg Edwards dressed up as Santa for his weekly events segment and we brought all the kids in for a little fun yesterday. we taped the segment and it will air Christmas Eve. We took some pictures. Brooke is efforting the pics.Have a good day!PWD