ABORTION FUNDING: GOP Lawmakers Sign Petition
Dozens of Iowa Republican lawmakers are trying to get around the legislative process to ban Medicaid-funded abortions.Forty-one lawmakers signed a petition to the state last week calling on the Department of Human Services to re-write its rules. The lawmakers claim the current rules violate state law.If the Republican rule changes are accepted all government-funded abortions would be banned in Iowa.That includes instances where the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest. The changes would also require a woman to view an ultrasound image of a fetus before an abortion is performed.All of these measures failed to pass during the 2012 legislative session.The state now has until August 10th to respond to the petition.According to DHS leaders, if the changes were adopted the state would lose around $2 billion in Medicaid funding.The entire state budget last year was $6 billion.