Pavarotti, Fred’s In, and I Stand Corrected
Good Morning.I should get stock in White Out for all the corrections I had to make this morning. Not sure how this reflects on my long term credibility but I messed up the Bears NFL schedule and I also messed up the number of games the Cubs are ahead of the Cardinals in our sports news. Wishful thinking I suppose.Good thing I have an excellent team to correct me. We also heard it from a lady who reminded us of all the Beatles songs that describe the weather...September in the Rain is the one Jeriann picked for today's forecast. I haven't heard that one.To the news:Fred's In Fred Thomson is on the race for the president officially. No Headline there. The former Tennessee Senator and Actor made his announcement on The Tonight show last night. He'll come to Iowa today where the work really starts. Now Republicans get to find out if Thomson can meet some of the expectations of a more conservative, but less flip floppy candidate.Pavarotti-The one caught my attention the most on the radio newscast on my way to work this morning. The 71 year-old tenor made opera popular. We were debating where to put this on the newscast. Obviously his name is known worldwide, but I really don't usually have a handle on just how important stuff like this is to our viewers. I think it's a big deal but I sang and actually took classical voice lessons in High School. That probably doesn't make me the average viewer on this topic. What about you...interested to know about this?While I was taking a little break this morning I read some of the comments about not knowing Pavarotti's music. No sweat, I wouldn't call myself a fan of opera either but listening to this guy sing is like watching Michael Jordan Play basketball or watching Tiger woods sink a 60 foot putt. If it doesn't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, I'd check your pulse. Put your headphones on and listen to this. I'm sure you've heard it in a movie or something. I'm not saying it has to be your favorite or anything but it's some good stuff.Republican Debate-It got a little heated there last night in New Hampshire. The news articles on this focused largely on the fact that Fred Thomson wasn't in attendance...Bad news for all the guys who are already running that the focus is on a guy who isn't even there. The debate moved on to other topics...the war, where candidate Ron Paul got booed by the audience for wanting to bring the troops home. Analysts say Rudy Giuliani had the best debate, and looked like the front runner. No surprise, according to one analyst I read who said Mike Huckabee also had a good debate. All of this is, of course, bad news for Mitt Romney. He's looked at as one of the front runner in the race, but I have to tell you that's not a position I'd want. It seems in any race the one who's ahead always gets more scrutiny and more press. There's nowhere to go but down. It's a lot harder sustaining that kind of momentum for the four months we still have (maybe) until the caucuses. NFLDid anyone miss the fact that the NFL starts on NBC tonight? We pointed it out a few times this morning and in this case, the hype might actually be warranted. This should be a pretty good game. Colts vs Saints. 7:00pm starts the hoopla, 7:30 is actually kickoff.Have a good day and feel free to throw out the questions comments or concerns you have about the show.PWD