Rate Cuts, Quality over quantitiy, and Suing God
Good Morning!If you missed it this morning Jeriann's Dad is back in the US safe and sound. She'll be back for the evening shows tonight then back with us tomorrow morning.To the news:Rate CutsThis is one that a lot of people have a hard time wrapping their brain around, or staying awake through, but the way the Fed sets interest rates effects most of us. The Fed is expected to lower key interest rates a quarter to a half a point. The idea is to east financial pressure on people who've borrowed money, have an adjustable rate mortgage, or high credit card debt. Hope it works. Iowa Caucus ExhibitWe had a live guest from the State Historical Museum this morning talking about a project we're helping with over at the Historical Museum. It will be covering everything caucus and it opens in a couple of weeks. The description and some of the renderings I've seen look really cool. Take a look at this video from the SHS site. If you've got family for friends coming to town who don't understand, or would like to know more about the Caucuses...this will be the place to learn. It's also going to act as a place for forums and debates leading up to the Caucuses. Downtown DevelopmentOne of the Urban Planning consultants The City of Des Moines hired to help with the downtown is here again for meetings at the Downtown Library. One will be at 11:30 one at 4:30. This meeting is about tying together the development that's gone on downtown. They're trying to come up with a way to get people around the downtown area easily. This goes back to a point I've made here before. Hopefully, a transportation system of some sort would get people out of the mindset that they're going downtown for one thing, then back home. If this really works it could allow someone to easily move from East Village, to Court Ave, to The Western Gateway quickly and conveniently.Suing GodA Lawmaker in Nebraska filed a lawsuit against God. He was, reportedly, trying to make the point that anyone can sue anyone: STATE SENATOR ERNIE CHAMBERS ACCUSES GOD OF CAUSING UNTOLD DEATH AND HORROR AND THREATENING TO CAUSE MORE.THE OMAHA SENATOR, WHO SKIPS MORNING PRAYERS DURING THE LEGISLATIVE SESSION AND OFTEN CRITICIZES CHRISTIANS, BLAMES GOD FOR NATURAL DISASTERS AND IS SEEKING A PERMANENT INJUNCTION AGAINST HIM.ANGERED BY ANOTHER LAWSUIT HE CONSIDERS FRIVOLOUS, CHAMBERS SAYS HE'S TRYING TO MAKE THE POINT THAT ANYBODY CAN FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST ANYBODY.I hear St. Peter called the lawsuit frivolous.Fore the KidsI was invited to play golf in the ChildServe golf outing and fundraiser yesterday and Echo Valley Country Club yesterday. First of all thanks to the people at Chidserve for putting on a great event. We shot a great score of 9 under par on a very windy day. I'm happy to report I was able to contribute and had a great time.It's time to go get some sleep. I want to be awake for the Noon show today. We're going to have a visit from Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Montana. Now I was never a 49ers fan, but I am a HUGE Notre Dame fan so when the lady called and asked if we'd be interested in having Joe on the didn't take long to give her an answer. I guess Montana found out he had high blood pressure later in his career and is going around the country to talk to people about managing that condition. He's got a website he's helping promote called The BP Success Zone. I imagine having someone like Joe Montana makes people listen. You can see the interview today at noon.Update: 3:30...Home now and having a snack before a trip to the gym. I think this job is fun for a lot of reasons. I think some days it's really fun. Meeting and getting a picture with Joe Montana was a great experience that I'll remember for a long time.PWD