Bulls Flop, Early Exit, Hassel Facial
Pulling into the driveway after the 10 p.m. news, friends I haven't seen in a lonnnng time call from El Bait Shop, their wives are seeing Mama Mia, please come by for just one. Can't say no to that. The older you get the harder it is to catch up. Glad I turned around. And I did have just one...Memo to all Iowa State assistant coaches: If you have more than one, call a cab, a friend, or walk. Two OWI's in a week is two too many. Enough...The Bulls bring Jim Cornelison, Blackhawks National Anthem singer, to raise the roof before game 1 of the Eastern conference semifinals, and it works. Until the game starts. Then the Hawks just shoot the lights out and show it's going to be a series. Plus, MVP Derrick Rose hurt his ankle again. Uh-oh...The Lakers blow a 16 point lead to the Mavericks. The Mavs! Now, the Lakers will win eventually, but LA just doesn't seem interested in making any series easy...Ratings for the NBA playoffs are WAY up...Had a great time with the family at the Barnstormers game Saturday, but it's the first time I've ever seen the fans head for the exits early...My son, Cade, pitched his first baseball game Sunday. He did his best, but I aged at least a year...New addition to the SoundOFF set: "Everybody say Coot-uh!"I arranged to have Andy "punked" on our radio show Monday by having Bella Salon and Spa show up to give Andy a facial. Andy didn't make it to work, so Hassel had to suffer the prank. Only he didn't suffer. He LOVED it. I think he's turning metrosexual: