No Charles Grassley for Governor
Rod Roberts, David Vaudt, Bill Northey, Christopher Rants, Charles Larson, Jr., or Ed Failor, Jr. Maybe. Charles Grassley for governor? He told us he has given it "zero thought". This all started when State Senator Matt McCoy, a Democrat from Des Moines, predicted Senator Grassley would not run for re-election during last Sunday's episode of Channel 13's "The Insiders". Instead, McCoy said Grassley would run against Chet Culver for governor next year. Not so much, Grassley told us. But he admitted he did think about it 12 years ago. That would have pitted him against Tom Vilsack. Interesting that he didn't do it. More interesting still that some Democrats would like to see Vilsack's wife, Christie, try to get Grassley's senate seat next year.Here are Senator Grassley's comments in their entirety from today.Watch Senator McCoy's comments from Channel 13's "The Insiders" here.