Baby Fales, LoLo a GoGo, Hubbard’s Past
(Chris)It took 40 years, but Andy finally did it -- his boys can swim! Congratulations to Andy, and his wife, on their baby girl Elin. If I had a picture, I'd share it, but Andy says that no one cares about it, and no one wants to see it. Gotta love that attitude. Those people that shove pictures of their kids down your throat are very annoying. We'll see if he keeps his word. Oh, and it's pronounced 'e-lin' ... like Tiger's ex. I hope Elin Fales doesn't grow upto look like this --- for Andy's sake.More amazing than the fact that the Grizzlies are absolutely destroying the Spurs -- the fact that San Antonio started the year 37-6. Lolo Jones is going to run at the Drake Relays. She waited about 363 days before making it official. Lolo definitely has a flare for the dramatic. I think she got a kick out of people questioning her about coming home. She'll race at 2:41pm, Saturday. Believe it, or not, after winning 4 straight titles from 2005-2009, she's failed to win each of the last two years. It's Iowa Energy week! Des Moines mayor, Frank Cownie, made the declaration, Monday. I have no idea how that affects us. I was thinking it might mean dollar beers all over the city. My friends say that's not the case. Oh well...maybe Nick Nurse will get a nice box of Cuban's, or something. I'm actually considering going to the Energy game, Wednesday night. I rarely ever attend games on my off-days, but it sounds like it's going to be a great atmosphere. Nurse says they're expecting over 10-thousand fans. That would be about 9-thousand more than Rio Grande Valley had for game 1. Anthony HubbardThere was a lot of talk, on Murph N Andy, today, about new Hawkeye Anthony Hubbard. I'm aware that the guy spent 4 years in prison. I'm aware that he was charged with malicious intent, and illegal use of a firearm. I'm also aware that he was convicted of robbery. But, I think Fran McCaffery needed to make this move. Hubbard is a darn good player. He was a JUCO All-American, averaging 22 points and 11 rebounds a game. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Iowa is desperate. McCaffery missed out on most of his big recruiting targets, this off-season. He needed someone with talent, and he got one. Franny Mac believes Hubbard has proven himself in the 8 years after the incident. Time will tell.... The NFL lockout is OVE---- wait no it's not. A U.S. District Judge sided with the players, and ordered an immediate end to the lockout, but the owners will definitely appeal. I went to shoot the 1 vs. 2 soccer match, between the Valley and Johnston boys. What a disaster. It was pouring down rain, so much so that I couldn't even get out of the car. Not only did I not want to get soaked, I didn't want to ruin the camera (at least that's the excuse I'm going with).