Courhouse Vote, Kids Ready for Kintergarten?and Matt Moves On
Good Morning and welcome to November...I mean April. Hard to tell out there this morning. It was 34 when I woke up. Thankfully, Jeriann says it warms up from here. I went running last night about five... people were looking at me like I had two's not THAT cold out!I wanted to thank all of you for your comments. It makes it a lot more fun for us if you give us you feedback, positive and otherwise.To the News:Courthouse VoteWe brought you the pros and con's yesterday from each side of this debate. Polls opened at 7am and close tonight at 8. I'll only add this to the conversation: If you plan on commenting or complaining about Polk County government and the way it's managed over the next year, get out there and vote! If the vote fails, I hope you will let your county Supervisor know what you think the solution is to the overcrowding at the Courthouse. I don't think anyone is arguing the building is overcrowded and even a safety hazard. The debate here is how we go about solving that problem. No matter what happens, engage in that debate! If the Courthouse Bond passes, watch the project's progress and make sure the money you ok'd is used responsibly. If the Bond fails, get in on the talks to come up with another solution!Pay IncreaseIf you haven't visited the Hot Topics Blog on As Seen on it. The governor might do well to read it before he signs a nine percent pay raise for himself. Pretty powerful sentiment there Gov.Ready For KindergartenBrooke did a great story for GenX Mom's this morning about getting your kids ready for kindergarten. Is it me or are kids required to know a LOT more than we were when they get to kindergarten? I remember learning my ABC's, writing my name and counting in my first full day classes. Now parents are told their kids should know this stuff before they walk in the door.On a side note, I related the story of my first day of school this morning on the show. This is my Mom's version. I am the youngest of four which means the year before I went to school my mom and I had a lot of time one on one together. She says before I went to school, I asked her, "Mom what are you going to do all day without me around?" She managed. In fact she took one of her friends down to the beach that morning and split a bottle of vino. She wasn't quite as broken up as my five year-old mind imagined.Where in the World?We missed it a lot!Matt was in Holland this morning. Thanks Today show...a phone call so we could tie in a little Tulip time woulda killed ya?Seriously, it's always an interesting show. Check back this afternoon for tomorrow's clues...and throw some guesses out there people!I will be out in the yard this afternoon mowing. Jeriann says today and tomorrow are the days to do it.Hope you enjoy the warm up!PWD