QUITTING TIME: Leaders Call for Lawmaker To Resign
One came in the morning; the other came in the evening. But both Urbandale Republican Senator Brad Zaun and Greenfield Republican Representative Clel Baudler agree that Milo Republican Senator Kent Sorenson needs to resign. Sorenson is accused of a "pay-to-play" scandal from the 2012 Iowa Caucus campaign. He is accused of taking money in exchange for endorsing Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign, a violation of senate ethics rules, which forbid members from getting paid on behalf of presidential campaigns. Sorenson is also accused of later taking money to change his endorsement to another candidate, Ron Paul. Finally, Sorenson is accused of stealing the computer database from N.I.C.H.E., a network of home school families, and using the private member information for the Bachman campaign. Polk County authorities, along with a senate ethics committee investigation, as well as federal authorities are looking into the allegations.