OVERNIGHT FIRE: One Apartment Damaged
One person is without a place to stay this morning after an overnight apartment fire in Indianola.Firefighters were called to a home at 105 Jefferson Way around 12:30 a.m.The house has two apartments and a business.When crews arrived, the upstairs apartment was filled with smoke and there was a fire in the kitchen.Fire Chief Brian Seymour says the fire was beginning to spread to the attic, but firefighters quickly put it out.Everyone inside was able to get out of the apartment safely.Seymour says at this time, the exact cause is not known. "Most of the damage is contained to the kitchen area. So that's what we'll be investigating is in that area just to determine exactly what happened."The upstairs apartment has too much damage to be lived in. The downstairs residents were able to return to their apartment this morning and the business suffered some water damage.