Slumping Stocks, South Carolina Debate, and UFO’s
Good morning...My opinion of my favorite story of the day comes from yesterday's blog. We were talking about UFO's and bam...Mark Tauschek delivers with his story about the family with mysterious holes in the ice on their pond. Was it something falling from space? Was it "solid waste" falling from an airplane...that happens... if you missed the it from the home page at WHOTV.COM. Funny stuff.It was much funnier to watch in the context of the conspiracy theory back and forth on the blog Monday. Alpha Zulu...Mike Papa Charlie...The Chair is against the wall....I hope none of you had any accidents on the way to work. I noticed it was slick when I got on the freeway this morning....everyone was going a lot slower overnight but I thought it might get worse toward the morning rush. It didn't look that bad out there this was still really slick.At 9:00 traffic was backed up from Polk Blvd all the way to the West Mixmaster. And not just a little backed up. It was at a dead stand still in some areas. It's been a while since I have seen traffic this bad. I guess the slick conditions sort of sneaked up on drivers. I didn't think it seemed bad when I left for work this morning, but when I got off Fleur, the ramp was slick. I think these are the areas were drivers had the most problems.BBTo the News:EconomyThe big foreign markets took another nose dive last night and wall street was expected to have a rough open this morning. I'm getting to this a little late so...wait...Ok Breaking news...the Fed just cut interest rates three quarters of a percent...anyone who thinks this there aren't serious concerns about the economy is crazy. The Dow is STILL down 59 points just after the open. Usually news like that would send the markets up...this morning it may simply stop the bleeding.Update on the Dow. It's down over 400 at opening. And, President is talking about creating an economic stimulus plan that's larger than first proposed. I am no expert on financial planning matters but Pat and I were just talking about how this could be a great time to buy stocks at a good price. And it looks like interest rates could go even lower than they are right now.CasinoStep two for a Jasper county Casino comes today when the plan goes to the County Supervisors. I say step two because there are so many more to go before this would be a reality. Once again, I'd say, whatever you think of the casino idea, you have to give Newton and Jasper County credit. Maytag left and they didn't roll over and die. They took some big ideas and made them realities. I'm not going to make the same mistake I did when they started talking about a "speedway". I was sceptical it would work. I think I'd give this group a little more credit these days. I'm not sure there's anything they can't do if they really want to.Dems DebateI admit to seeing NONE of this last night so when I flipped on the radio at three and heard some of the sound bytes I really wanted to hear more! It was as aggressive as we've seen Sens Obama and Clinton. They went at each other last night while former Sen John Edwards got to play the "Can't we all just get along?" card. I've read a lot of the commentary on this debate and it sounds like the consensus was Sen Clinton does not look good on the attack, Sen Obama did better in the second half of the debate then the 1st and that Sen Edwards looked great, but is probably too far behind to make a difference at this point. Still a couple days to go before South Carolina.Oscar NominationsThe list was announced this morning and it seems like there were a lot of movies and actors that I have never heard of before. Is it just me? Maybe it's just because I had a child this year and haven't gone to many movies in the first place. Michael Clayton is the only I have seen. It was good and George Clooney is one of my favorites. What does everyone else think?Blood DonationJust wanted to thank the People at the Blood Center of Iowa for another great experience giving blood. They made it fast and easy. Everyone was really friendly and I was in and out in less than an hour.We'll keep watching the Dow and see if the markets can recover at all today.Have a good one and stay warm.PWD