INMATE SUES: Jail Inmate Sues After Fall
A Fort Dodge inmate who jumped off the roof of the Webster County Jail in August is now suing the county and the Sheriff. Twenty one-year old Tanner King suffered a broken back, a broken pelvis, and internal injuries in the fall last month. Deputies say King was playing basketball in an enclosed roof-top gym when he went through an unlocked door, ran across the roof and jumped off---falling about 40-feet to the black-top below.King had attempted suicide a few days earlier. The suit claims the Sheriffs Department should have done more to protect King---even from himself. "They had knowledge that he attempted suicide." said trial attorney Mark Pennington, "They knew that. There`s no dispute about that. Having had that knowledge they escorted him to a fifth floor facility on the roof and allowed him to either jump off or fall off.”King says his injuries will last a lifetime. "Pretty bad." He says from his hospital room in Des Moines, "They`re saying I`ll be in pain the rest of my life. And it`s going to take me over a year to get back into walking and the way i was. just injury-wise and my spine."The Webster County Sheriff’s Department won’t comment on the lawsuit, but says it’s initial investigation shows King fell while tying to escape. He is facing a laundry list of charges including burglary, stalking, domestic assault, and criminal mischief.