bin Laden Pictures
Death Watch: If the White House releases the gruesome photos of Osama bin Laden after U.S. troops shot and killed him, do you want to see them? bin Laden got shot twice, one time near the left eye. The pictures won't be pretty. Far from it. Media outlets all over the country should be having the debate now about what they will do. To show or not to show the pictures? Obviously, we don't know exactly how unsightly the pictures will be yet, as I write this. But it seems we all deserve to have the discussion. We don't normally show bodies, and for good reason, especially severely damaged bodies. But this would seem to be an exception, at least it seems that way to me. I think this is a picture both the American public and the world would want to see to both shut up the conspiracy theorists who think bin Laden isn't dead or died years ago and to offer that final piece of closure (sorry, I hate that saying but it's all I could think of in this case).What do you think?