THINC IOWA: Three-Day Entrepreneurial Event
More than 350 entrepreneurs from around the country will take part in the "Thinc Iowa" conference.Successful business leaders will share their success stories, and give tips and advice to those up and coming entrepreneurs.Tuesday night was the kickoff party for a 3-day long event. The conference runs Wednesday and Thursday at the Temple for Preforming Arts downtown Des Moines.While organizers always stress the need for innovation, this year, there's an added emphasis on start-ups.“When jobs may not be out there, you're basically creating your own job. so what you have here is people who weren't willing to wait around for someone to hire them into a position, or they were in a position they weren’t satisfied with, so they took that initiative on their own and decided to not only go out on their own, but create new companies, many that employ lots and lots of people.,” said Geoff Wood.Speakers include Steve Case, the co-founder and former CEO of AOL.For information on the event, or to purchase tickets go to