A growing concern in schools is bullying with the problem behavior starting as young as age five.On Today in Iowa Saturday, Doctor David Grove from Compass Clinical Associates in Ankeny spoke about ways parents and teachers can prevent bullying.As a complex problem, Dr. Grove explained some of the signs of bullying as anxiety, a change in eating and sleeping patterns, or lower grades.Dr. Grove told Channel 13 some ways to prevent bullying were to encourage parents and teachers to always respond to a bullying situation. This means kids should tell someone about being bullied. The last piece of advice was to teach children conflict resolution skills.Dr. Grove also cautioned the excessive use of violent video games, “Violent videos do not cause bullying or violence but they certainly desensitize us to aggression and if you don’t have empathy, which is one of four basic things; you need to have self-regulation, self-calming, empathy and perspective… and empathy is really important in preventing bullying.”