Pets… Michael Buble’ … Weather … Movies
Welcome to a very random Monday edition of "Erin Off Camera!"First, thanks to all of you for the great vacation ideas. Now, I just need unlimited time off and a big chunk of travel cash!On the radar this week - pets. Mine had to make a trip to the vet last week to have some blood work done. She was already in a bad mood since Michael and I had been gone for ten days, and the vet visit nearly put her over the edge. When Marley is unhappy, she makes sure we know about it... usually by whining incessantly and destroying things. Her latest trick is using a closet in our basement as a litter box. It is disgusting. I cleaned it up this weekend and Michael doused the room with Pine Sol so we're hoping that solves the problem. Do your pets have any lovely stunts they like to unleash on you? Do you discipline them in any way? Marley is spoiled rotten ... I think I've created a monster.Did any of you go to the Michael Buble' concert last Friday? I loooooooooove this guy and would've loved to have gone to the show, but we're in a ratings period right now and that means no time off. Even more painful was finding out from my hubby that good friends had offered up not only tickets, but the chance to go backstage ..... waaaaaahhhhhhhhh! This begs the question, had I known about this offer would I have used a "mental health day" on Friday? Likely not, but I probably would've done everything in my power to make it over to Wells Fargo Arena in between the six & ten o'clock shows! This weather stinks!!!! I am ready for some warmth - how about you? I'm actually wearing one of my winter coats today because I know it's going to be freezing when I leave work at 10:30 tonight.We had a bit of a "movie marathon" at the Kiernan house this weekend and each flick was really good, in very different ways. Saturday night we watched "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead." It is one of the more disturbing movies I've seen in a long time. Philip Seymour Hoffman is creepy and amazing. After that, we watched "Juno." I was bracing myself for something that would have me in tears for an hour and a half straight, but instead the writing had me laughing ... until the end. Then I cried. Last night after an outing with Sonya and her hubby we watched "Resurrecting the Champ." Parts of it were a little overdone, but overall it's a pretty good movie - especially if you have any interest in journalism and/or sports. What have you seen lately that you like? Any oldies you'd recommend when new releases are lame? Fire away.Have a great week!