Session Starts, Game Change, and From the Mailbag
Good Morning!It was a long weekend at the Dix household. We had our first blood and our first fever . Will is advancing quickly toward walking. Unfortunately he's not there yet as evidenced by the fall he took the other day. Those darned bottom teeth he's got slammed right into the roof of his mouth and he looked like he'd gone fifteen rounds with Apollo Creed. Meanwhile, JT got a fever on Sunday morning. Being the dense Dad that I am, I thought it was great that he seemed content to sit on my lap and hang out. Thankfully Mom came downstairs and actually felt his forehead. I'm proud we didn't panic. 101 was no reason to call the doc. I appreciate all the parents we've been able to watch and learn from.To the News:2010 SessionSo I don't know about you all but I'd like my lawmakers to get into session, pass a budget and adjourn. Does anything else REALLY need to be done this year? I don't think so. Deal with the other issues another time. I don't imagine it will go that way. The legislative session starts today. No real work today, just ceremony for the first few days. The Governor gives his Condition of the State address tomorrow. Then it's election season...let the campaigning...I man lawmaking...begin.Game ChangeI would tend to agree with the Republicans argument that Harry Reed's comments, if accurate, are reason for him to step aside as a leader in the Senate. The Comments came in a new book out about the 2008 election.I see the GOP's point about a double standard with regard to these types of comments. Then again, how many times have you been with your friends and made a remark about them or at them that you wouldn't repeat in a setting with people you don't know? I have. It doesn't excuse the behavior, and I am not the Majority leader of the US Senate.LenoWe debated whether NBC is pulling the trigger to early canceling the Leno Show. I get the sense it's doing pretty well here in Iowa but that's not the issue. We don't count as much as the largest Metro areas of the country, and those TV stations think Leno is a drag. They don't think it's a good lead in to a local Newscast at 10pm. It's doesn't sound like it was NBC's decision so much as it was the local affiliates holding a gun to NBC's head, saying they were going to preempt Leno. I'll be interested to see how this all plays out. When you make a big move like this and put all your eggs into one basket, it's hard to unravel.Parenting 101We also debated a lot of parenting issues this morning during the breaks. Jeriann and I are peppering Brooke with questions about her experiences with Evan to try to make sure we're not doing it "wrong". I came to the conclusion this weekend that there is no "wrong". I have two kids, and they are hitting different developmental milestones at different times.JT has teeth, Will's haven't come in as fast.JT doesn't crawl really well yet. Will might be able to crawl a six minute mile.JT has the fine motor skills to pick up a puff and eat it. Will seems content to grab things, but hasn't found his mouth yet.I can see second guessing myself if I had just one. Are we doing it right? Why isn't my kid writing cursive at six months?...Am I a bad parent?In this case, having two is giving me some perspective. I just need to chill out a little and let it happen. Encouraging development is one thing; giving your child the opportunity to grow. Sweating out each detail of their mental and physical development could cause some premature greying.From the MailbagIf a self-critique of our parenting isn't enough to make us second guess, there's always our viewers. We love them.Jeriann got this email from a viewer last week after suggesting travel was not advised.Jeriann -This morning you were telling us how bad the weather was and advising no travel.........................but then you tell us your husband called to say it took him an hour to drive from West Des Moines to downtown. So he didn't take your advise?? And hopefully he didn't have your baby in the car with him. I'm sure you don't take him to daycare when you come to work at what 3:30 or 4:00 a.m.!! Well lets clear up a few things first. The Department of Transportation recommends travel not advised. We don't have any say in that Jeriann is passing along the advice of others. Second, thousands of people had to go to work last week, snow or no snow. I'm sure Rob used the appropriate caution when traveling with his he always does. Third, Jeriann gets here a lot earlier than that!The whole point is to give to some idea what the roads are going to look like when you get out on them. To me the condition of travel not advised is a recommendation. If you don't have to go out, don't.-Also from the mailbag this weekend, I got an email in which a viewer contends I bear a strong resemblance to a ladybug. Specifically, the one in A Bug's Life.Message: I just wanted to mention that Patrick Dix looks an awful lot like the ladybug from "A Bug's Life", and when I saw and awful lot, I mean exactly!What do you think?Since the bug in question is a Dennis Leary character, I will take this as a compliment. A friend also pointed out that the description of the character in question is, "A very manly ladybug". Good enough for me. What do you think? Are my kids going to grow antennae? or maybe he's just picking up on the fact that I have a pumpkin for a head. Comment away bloggers! Lets start the week of with some good responses!PWD