Chicago Fire, Countdown, and Ten Minutes in The Dentist Chair
Good afternoon.I waited to blog until this afternoon because I had to go see the Dentist this morning. A few days ago I apparently made some comments about one of my teeth hurting. So Sally made me an appointment with our Dentist and I went in expecting he'd tell me it was nothing. Ten minutes in and out. Well I was only in the chair ten minutes but it turns out I did have something wrong. At some point I'd chipped one of my back teeth. So my dentist said..."just sit tight...we don't need any Novocaine...we'll just quick drill it a little and patch it up." OK. Now I have to start this out by saying I trust my current dentist but haven't had the best experience with the profession in the past. He was right of course...just a little drilling and a quick patch and he had me on my way. Good thing he didn't have to use a shot of Novocaine. It would have made the Noon news pretty interesting.FireFire investigators will be back in Boone to try and figure out what started the fatal fire we covered yesterday. We'll be covering that story from Boone today. Meanwhile, in Chicago they're trying to figure out how a fire started at one of the City's landmarks. Holy Name Cathedral is blocks from Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile. It's a beautiful church that's now filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in water and smoke damage. We'll get more details in the coming days about what happened but the Diocese just finished work on the roof after they found some structural issues. Exec PayHere's a case of too little too late. The Obama Administration is putting new rules in place that say any Wall Street firm asking for bailout money won't be able to pay executives more than $500,000 a year. They can pay em more in stock but then there are rules about what the executive can do with the stock while the company still has debt with the's the problem: This doesn't apply to company's that already raided the Treasury's cookie jar. That's disheartening because it seems these companies DON'T GET IT! Wells Fargo was actually defensing a junket to Las Vegas for it's employees. The trip was reserved for 12 days at the WYNN hotel and it's sister property. Now I am sure the people at Wells Fargo work hard and there's nothing wrong with a company rewarding it's employees who work hard, but if you've just asked taxpayers for billions of might want to make the trip a little less lavish this year. Who thought this was a good idea? Who thought we weren't going to notice. I'm sure there are people who were eligible for the trip that were pissed the company was still going to do it. Then the news came out today that Citi wants the naming rights for the Mets new stadium. I don't know about you but I'd rather 400 million dollars of my money doesn't go to the Mets. The Cubs maybe, but not the Mets!The question Matt Lauer asked during the Today show open is relevant, "Why don't these people get it?"CountdownLastly it looks like we're on a two week countdown to the arrival of our boys. Everyone seems to be stable and progressing well. We're not sure if we're frustrated because two weeks seems like a long time to wait...or if we're totally freaked out cause two weeks is going to be here before we know it...then all this theoretical talk of babies will be reality. We'll hope for a birthday as smooth as Jeriann's Luke had.Hope you have a good day.PWD