KRYSTLE CLEAR: All About The Food
Looking back at some of my recent posts, I realized they've been pretty serious. So I figured I would try to lighten things up a bit by talking about one of my favorite topics of all time- food.My story today was about how the city of Des Moines received $10 million for a pretty big road project- the SE Connector. By dinner time, we had our interviews, and most of our video, and time seemed to be on our side, so my photographer and I decided to stop for a dinner break at one of the businesses in the area- it was actually one we included in the story. It's called "Capitol Pub & Hotdog Company." As a vegetarian, I was already planning what bar-food appetizers could constitute as a meal (maybe they'd have a side garden salad!) But to my surprise (and delight) the menu had a lot to offer me! First off, it had one of my all time favorite foods- deep fried pickles. I was almost giddy by the time I noticed vegan hotdogs!Okay, first of all, yes, I always get this excited about food, and second, can you blame me? While many places do have vegetarian options, I often don't get to partake in all the fun- like fancy toppings and recipes. But today I did! My order- a vegan "hotdog" tempura deep-fried with spicy mayo, cream cheese, cucumbers, and wasabi. So good!Since moving here a year ago I have found a good amount of vegetarian restaurants, or places with good options, but I never tire of a new find! (Anyone with special dietary needs, I am sure you can relate.)Another Des Moines based restaurant I recently had the pleasure of trying - Proof. I had an awesome falafel and tasty feta salad. Now if only I could learn to cook some of this stuff myself- I would save so much money. I mean don't get me wrong, going out is such a treat, but that's all I really want it to be - a treat. And with all these awesome farmers markets here in Iowa, I would love to try to expand my (very limited) cooking skills.I have been dabbling in the kitchen a bit lately actually. Just the other day I tried my hand at a veggie and tofu brat dish on the stove. A dash of spices and olive oil and I had myself quite a tasty dish.So I end tonight with some questions for all of you: are there any other tasty restaurants I (and others) must try? Any yummy recipes you can recommend for summer cooking? Any special "food experiences" you would like to share? Bring on the food! :)