Murph’s RVTV Photo Album: Day 4 Nevada (*Note: for other days, see below.)
Nevada rolled out the red carpet like few towns in RVTV tour history. It was nice to see all the channel 13 personalities getting a shout-out. I learned they love Erin here. A lot. I walked to the bucket for a live shot in the 6 p.m. news. I'll confess I wanted to turn around about halfway up the ladder, but so many people were watching, I continued the climb. The Nevada firefighter who went with me couldn't have been nicer. Respect. It sure seemed higher than it looks in this picture. Cy showed up, along with the ISU cheerleaders and the 2-0 Nevada football team, the marching band, and the Cubs cheer squad. Chris thought UNI showed up, but after the Nevada boosters gave him a Cubs T-shirt, he knew Nevada's colors. Side note: The Chamber of Commerce provided a great workspace. One of the few RVTV tour stops where Cyclone fans outnumbered Hawkeye fans, but Iowa showed up strong considering how close Nevada is to Ames.Early vote: One of the three best RVTV towns ever.