GEESE GONE: Goslings Jump From 80 Foot Nest
About 24 hours after four goslings hatched, they and their mother, left the nest. It's no ordinary nest though, at 80 foot off of the ground it's not the typical choice for a goose.The mother who could fly took wing from the abandoned eagle nest in a huge cottonwood tree near Lake Red Rock. The four goslings, watched by a web cam, each went to the edge of the nest and jumped.Ron Huelse of the Lake Red Rock Association was watching on the webcam when the baby geese jumped. He went out to the tree in time to see the father goose, mother goose and the four goslings walking through a plowed furrow in a field to make it safely to the water of Lake Red Rock.The sad note is the mother had to choose between two eggs not hatched and getting food for herself and her four babies.“It's a miracle to be able to see that,” said Huelse. His group started the website and webcam in memory of Gladys Black, who had done much in Marion County and Iowa to promote the awareness of wild birds.The nest had been built by a couple of eagles, who have since constructed a new nest across the highway from their old one.