PASTOR TRIAL: Edouard Takes The Stand
The case boils down to one man's word against four women. The jury heard testimony from the women accusing former Pella pastor Patrick Edouard of sexual abuse and exploitation. Monday, they heard from the accused. On the stand, the 42 year old admits that he has not been faithful in his marriage, saying, “”I think the first affair is....was hard, but by the second one it becomes easier, but the guilt compounds.”But Edouard claims he never raped the woman and he wasn't counseling them. He was having affairs with them. But three of the women testify he forced them to have sex. Prosecutors say they trusted him and as pastor, he knew their weaknesses and preyed on them.Grace Edouard testified on her husband's behalf. She described a "friendly" relationship with all of the women. She remembers one of them being a little too flirtatious and says when she found out about her husband from church leaders, she couldn't believe it.Edouard resigned the same day church leaders confronted him about his adultery. He lost his credentials from the church and says his "sins" warranted the loss of his privileges and duties as a pastor.