Sick Blog
I don't know if anyone checks this in the afternoon - but I'm just writing a quick note to say that the Shepherd household is still alive! I had to cry uncle and take a sick day when not one, but BOTH kids had simultaneous awful stomach bugs going (day and night), and I started to get the queasies too. It seems like Clara's taking it the hardest but the doc gave us some meds that should help. As Pat suggested when I called him this morning, I'm DROWNING our house in Lysol! My hands are raw from washing them so often... The AM team really rules when it comes to being supportive and understanding about stuff like illness. I just know Pat and everyone else don't want anything to do with the Shepherd germs! I'd better get back to my cleaning binge while Clara takes a little nap and "Peter Pan" is occupied watching his favorite movie about... himself. (yep -he is decked out in the costume again.)With any luck I'll see some of you at Kidsfest (I'm thinking Sunday now...) and on the news desk Monday!Trish