Super Tuesday, Snowy Tuesday, Fat Tuesday
Good Morning Happy Fat Super and snowy Tuesday!We'll go right to the news Let the Voting Begin.We were a little unclear about the math (as we usually are) on Super Tuesday. We keep saying the races will be contrested in 24 states, Democrats have 21 and Republicans 22 (or maybe it's the other way around). Anyway, the way that math works out is that there are states where only Democrats or Only Republicans are voting. Obama is gaining on Clinton in a few key races and Romney is gaining on McCain in California...The latter is thanks in part to a campaign among conservative talk show hosts against the Sen from Arizona. Is it me or is the Republican party struggling to find itself? When The man the party nominated is writing the leading talk show host in the nation to plead that McCain is actually a conservative...there is clearly disagreement over the ideas and positions that define conservatism. It will be interesting to see where this debate leaves Republicans after the elections. Cell Phones and DrivingI got a new cell phone a few weeks ago and I have to admit to dialing or texting while I was driving. I realized what I was doing and stopped. But the number of people I see doing this on a daily basis is scary. And while we're on the subject of driving, I renew my plea for proper ramp etiquette on the freeway. Driving at full speed to the end of the ramp, then stopping in rush hour traffic doesn't work. In fact, it backs up traffic and it takes just one car doing it wrong to screw up everyone's merge. I plead with Central Iowa Drivers...Get up to the speed of traffic, look for an opening and get in there!. If you are the one in the right lane...LET EM IN!Record AudienceThe Super Bowl pulled more than 97 million people in this weekend. I remember last wee someone on sports talk radio saying the NY/NE matchup woiuld be the worst thing for ratings....ummmmm maybe not. Not only are you bringing in two of the biggest markets in the country...everyone watching was at least a little curious to see history. In this case it ended up being the Giants beating the Patriots. History...just not the kind everyone was thinking they'd see.On a side not, the second half survey for Super Bowl Commercials is now up and online at Harvest Research. Let em know which commercials you thought were the best.Tuesday/Wednesday SnowJeriann says this one's setting up to be big. As of the writing of this blog, the target for the biggest totals had moved off to our east to Newton and Grinnell. The Des Moines metro area should still get a significant amount of snow. We're talking 6-10 inches. Some of it will come in bursts this afternoon and this evening...the rest will come after 10pm. Enjoy! Mr. Manners (or...Why I'm still fat Tuesday)Thanks to all the people at the gym who actually stick to the half hour they're supposed to be on a treadmill. I didn't have the best experience at the gym yesterday. I showed up a few minutes before five and signed up for a machine at five. It happened to be the first treadmill in line. The guy on it was still running so I figured I'd wait and let him finish. Ten minutes later he's still running so I stepped in front of the machine and stared at didn't work. Now I'm fifteen minutes into the hour I wanted to spend at the gym and I haven't done a thing. One of the trainers noticed and asked the guy to gett off the machine...The Guy responds..."I'm only going to be five more minutes". Clearly he gets the point of keeping it to a half hour.Clearly this is a good solution for everyone. Afterall, I get my ten minutes of the half hour I signed up for. Who wouldn't be happy? We're all busy, we all want to spend as much time as we can on the treadmill...Here's a way to get around the system. Show up fifteen minutes into the half hour and sign up for the following half hour. That way you get 45 minutes on the tredmill. It seems like a simple solution to me. Either way, get off the tredmill when you know you're over your time and there's someone staring at you! I need all the time on there I can get. Have a great day. We'll have school closings and delays running in the early morning wake up with us tomorrrow on Today in Iowa anad we'll let you know if you can go back to bed.PWDEdytors' Nowt: Spel Ckuck is still browken