Police: Thornton father killed son, then committed suicide
THORNTON, Colo. -- Police on Thursday said a double shooting at a home earlieer this week was a murder and suicide.Investigators concluded that Kevin Bristol, 30, murdered his 4-year-old son, Michael, and then shot himself Tuesday. The little boy died a short time later and Kevin Bristol died Wednesday.Outside the Bristol home near 92nd and High Street in Thornton, a large number of teddy bears, candles and flowers continue to accumulate. Betty McWhite was one of many people to stop by the house Wednesday. She and her son dropped off a Winnie the Pooh doll. “This is the first time I’ve ever left anything on a fence,” she says. “It just touched my heart. I had to leave something.”Thornton Police say early Tuesday morning, Bristol’s wife found her husband and son shot inside the home.Thornton police say the case remains an active and open investigation. It will be presented to the Adams County District Attorney's Office for review when it's finished.