Domestic Dish: Things you should never refrigerate
There are certain things you may think you need to refrigerate, but you actually should not. In today's Domestic Dish, we provided four of those things for you:Onions: They last longer outside of the fridge. And make sure if you have them in a bag it allows for air circulation.Bread: The refrigerator dries bread out faster because it speeds up the dehydration process -- specially six times faster.Batteries: You may have heard to put them in your fridge but it's totally bogus. Extreme cold or heat actually diminishes performance.Coffee: The fridge and the freezer create condensation, which can affect the flavor of both ground coffee and coffee beans. It's best in an airtight container in the pantry.Also in this edition of the Domestic Dish, football party ideas and Sesame Street dog costumes.Watch the video above for more.