Valuable advice could save big money before getting air conditioner repairs
With our climate darn near cooking us, man's best friend, at least for now, is the home air conditioner. With temps up, so is usage, and unfortunately, so is repair. Aurora residents Jensen and Carol Ann Silver recently had a cooling crisis. "I hear the air conditioner cycling on and off but no cold air coming out, so I knew something was wrong," says Jensen Silver. After a 45-minute and a $600 repair from a HVAC technician..."Problem was solved but obviously there were other issues." says Silver. HVAC service manager at Federal Heating and Air Conditioning in Denver Tam Gonzales says before you repair or replace your faulty air conditioner, do a little research."Sometimes companies take advantage of you. They'll make one small problem much bigger than it really is."Off all the air conditioning calls Gonzales receives at Federal Heating, about 90 percent are easily fixable and do not require major repair or replacement.So when the Silver's AC went out, yet again, this time Jensen used his computer before reaching for his credit card.Silver went online to one of the many self-help sites.He spent a little time and then diagnosed his problem. "Fan motor was $100. Capacitor was $19. I replaced both of them, and I was on my way," said a happy Silver. Now the family is cool, but not as cold as the hard cash they saved.