18 dogs killed by fire in Chihuahua breeders’ home in Byers
BYERS, Colo. -- A total of 18 dogs were killed in a fire that completely destroyed a home in Byers early Friday morning.While the family, who have asked to remain anonymous, made it out of the home unharmed, only three of their 21 dogs were able to do the same. Jennifer Casebeer of Living Springs Vetenarian Clinic said the family raised Chihuahua dogs for breeding and for show.Casebeer said the fire started in the dogs' kennel room after a space heater was knocked over.Local authorities said the fire at the home in the 980 block of South CR 181 started around 3 a.m. Video from SkyFox showed the roof of the home had a massive hole in it and much of the interior was burned.If you want to donate to help the family get back on their feet this holiday a fund has been set up for them at High Plains Bank in Bennett under the title "Housely Fire Victims."