Explore Colorado: Del’s Triangle 3 Ranch
Saddle up for a horseback ride in Steamboat Springs.Steamboat Springs is a cowboy town surrounded by ranches. Del’s Triangle 3 Ranch is celebrating 50 years of trail rides this year. On July 7, 1962, trail riders were offered for $1.50. Today, 1 hour, 2 hour, half day, and full day trail rides are offered. Rates are $50 a person for 1 hour rides, $70 for 2 hour rides, $125 for half day rides, and $250 for full day rides. Half day and full day rides include lunch. Overnight horseback pack trips are also offered. Del’s Triangle 3 Ranch is open year-round with rides including winter horseback rides. They only requirements are children must be 6 years old and everyone must ride their own horse.Most of the horses are born and raised on the ranch and trained locally in the Steamboat Springs area.