Friends, family say final farewell to A.J. Boik
AURORA, Colo. -- Alexander J. Boik, better known as A.J., was remembered as a talented young man who was a skateboarding free spirit with a ready smile.A funeral service for the 18-year-old was held Friday morning at Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Aurora.His uncle, John Hoover, gave the eulogy. He challenged everyone to be a little more like A.J. and step out of your comfort zone to make a new friend.Hoover shared some lighter moments with mourners who packed the church.Many of them graduated from Gateway High School with A.J. He said, “I know he’s making a funny face and trying to make the rest of us laugh.”One of Hoover’s own recollections about A.J. drew laughter from the crowd. “He started growing what tried to pass for a mustache the first day he sprouted a hair on his face. Grew his long hair and his attitude was ‘this is me, you love it. Don’t be jealous’.”Hoover added, “He is still with us, and I know that I can feel his spirit floating in the breeze.”By Jene Nelson