NRA to discuss Sandy Hook elementary school shooting
The National Rifle Association is planning to hold a news conference at 9 a.m. Friday to talk about the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Newtown CT.You can watch the news conference live here: news conference comes as millions of gun owners millions of small-town gun shop owners, hunters, housewives, former police officers and just plain everyday folks who proudly defend their right to bear arms have walked a tenuous line in the week following the Newtown shootings.They’ve tried to balance responding to the nation’s grief and horror at a crime that ended so many young lives, while worrying about what gun rights advocates see as a threat of knee-jerk legislation that could tread on their constitutional rights.“I believe the Second Amendment provided that the average American citizen should have the same rights to armaments as the military. But do I want my next-door nut job neighbor to have a bazooka?No,” said Noel Flasterstein, a Florida attorney and gun rights advocate.Mike Zammitti, a young gun owner in New England, agrees.Zammitti, 22, lives in Boylston, Massachusetts, and has three guns — a .22 rifle, a .25-caliber pocket pistol and a .22 Luger handgun. He also is a Class-A license holder, which allows him to “conceal and carry” his guns with him. But that doesn’t mean that he does it.His weapons, he said, are for protection. He also said he doesn’t need an assault rifle to protect himself in his home and doesn’t think other people need them either.“I absolutely think we should ban assault weapons,” Zammitti said. “There is no reason to have assault weapons on the market. …Those are people killers; they are not meant to go hunting.”