When Hollywood and Upper-Limiting Collide
This probably isn't news to anyone, but the powers that be in this country are running into some serious issues. Most of those issues are coming from inside, and creating cascading domino effects that are eroding their base of power. The example that kicked this post off was from Hollywood and the DC franchise. I (super unfortunately) have not yet had the opportunity to watch Wonder Woman. (Kids, business, life . . . just hasn't happened yet.) But I've heard nothing but rave reviews from my friends. Hollywood and DC had created something POWERFUL. Something MAGICKAL. Something that had the potential to turn the tide of misogyny and same-old-bullshit that has been slowly drowning the landscape of the silver screen ever since it came into being. And now . . . Justice League. I'm not going to watch it. It looks like shit. Ben Affleck is still Batman (for fuck's sake.) But most of all, the COSTUMES! The Amazon's COSTUMES! They butchered everything about these characters from what I can