Using the Darkness to Birth Your Higher Self
Winter Solstice. For many people, these two words evoke something powerful. There is a Turning, a Shift here, and it is both exhilarating and terrifying, just like any other shift. For me, when I think of Winter Solstice and close my eyes, I see frost-covered ground and standing stones. Torch-light dancing across the scene as we all wait quietly for the sun to come again. I can almost guarantee I know which life this image comes from, and it was a very, very, VERY long time ago. So why this continued reverence? Why does this day still touch me, deep inside what almost feels like my own frozen core – beckoning, asking my magick to stretch toward the dawn and see that the long dark cold spell is over, and we're once more hurtling into the rebirth of the world around us? Whatever the reason, this day has power. It's a day to taste the sunshine, even if only for a moment, because it's so short, and savor it. It's a night to steep yourself in your own mysteries and to ask the powers that