The Weird Edge That Others Want
Do you feel like people either freaking love you, or they fucking hate you? Like there's no middle ground? When you make friends, it doesn't necessarily make sense WHY you hit it off with that person, but you do, and it's an instant connection. Or (perhaps more often) people just hate you for no apparent reason. If you recognize this, you've likely experienced practically bending over backwards in order to prove to these people that you really are a likeable person, only to get shit on repeatedly. So why does this happen? And even more interestingly, why the hell do other girls and women seem to look up to you? They want something you have. They desire to emulate you even though some of them seem to despise you. I was an awkward, overly emotional kid. Kind of a basketcase (to the point where my wonderful, loving parents openly admitted that I was one.) I had few friends, and they were also terribly odd and awkward. But once I hit teen years, and I started that exploration for who the