Huge Feet and the Path to Muchness
From the time we are young, we are told we are too much . . . something. We're too quiet, too loud, too big, too small, too weird . . . There is always something. Something we should change, fix, shift, transform. So that then the world can shout us down for being a poser, conformist, weakling, sheep. Then they do it all over again. My feet kicked this thought process off today. Yah. My mom gave me a set of shoes to try on because she didn't like the way they fit her, but returning them isn't worth it after shipping and all. So I put them on and was legit surprised they fit, because they're a 9.5M. Lately the only shoes that fit are a 10W. And the thought that has followed me my whole life followed . . . "I have huge feet." Generally this isn't something I've ever been embarrassed by. In fact most of the time I've been kind of proud of my big feet, except that it was often hard to find the cute girls' styles in them. (Thank you, all women's shoe makers and shops that carry up to size