How to Meditate When You Don't Think You Can
"Meditation" is probably one of the cringiest words that I deal with regularly. Meditation is everywhere, with people everywhere tossing it out as the solution to every problem. Meditation is great! It gets you in the right zone! It helps you achieve your goals! But what if you really suck at meditating? What if you hate it because you feel like you can't do it properly, and so every time the word "meditation" comes up, you either make a face or your brain just checks out of the conversation? You're not alone!!! Most people who are looking for ways to improve themselves and find deeper connections to their world have at least attempted meditation, and because SO many people sing its praises, it's easy to feel like you're broken because you just can't get into it. But actually there are LOTS of people who don't "feel it" when trying to meditate. So you're in good company. The first thing I'll say here is that meditation is not for everyone. If you seriously hate it, or if you fall into