Denying the Darkness Isn't Helping Anything
If you've been in the spiritual world for any length of time, whether it's been in the "New Age" stuff, Christianity, or just dancing around the edges of stuff that acknowledges something beyond us in our current form, you will likely have seen at least one person who spouts off that darkness isn't a thing. I've experienced quite a few of these individuals, and I'm completely baffled by them. They like to sound superior, and tell you that the only reason you see darkness is because you believe in it - you allow it. I would LOVE it if darkness (and by this, I mean evil and shitty energy) was simply something we could wish away. That we could just shine a light on it like a child in a dark bedroom and see that the "monster" in the dark is no more than a pile of clothes and toys. But that's not the way this world works. There IS darkness, because there is light. They balance each other. Maybe someday we'll move out of this state. Maybe someday we will evolve past this shit and everything