Light House Studio Partners with Crosslight Photo Mission | Light House Studio
One of the driving philosophies followed here at Light House Studio is that we should always be willing to give back to the community. We have worked hard to do that from the very beginning over 20 years ago. Over the years that philosophy has taken us in many different directions ranging from providing photography to causes that were near and dear to our hearts to providing web design and marketing services for special non-profit or charitable organizations. That desire still drives our business, today and starting in the Fall of 2016, we have partnered with a Christian photography organization, Crosslight Photo Mission, to lend our talents, experience, and time to work with this compassionate organization. Crosslight, at its core, is a group of photographers who are using their photography skills to provide family photo session to those families who would not otherwise be able to afford to have professional portraits made. While providing these portraits is one of their primary goals