What's holding us all back? | Lesley Leach Hypnotherapy
As​ Winter starts to draw in, I like nothing more than to get the fire roaring, grab a cuppa and cosy down for some trash TV. Whilst surfing, I came across a show called "This Time Next Year", which intrigued me. The basic premise behind the show is that guests make a pledge about what they will have achieved by this time next year. A year passes, but in an instant the viewer sees whether they have achieved what they set out to. Cue Davina McCall crying, congratulating, commiserating and gurning! It is indeed great TV, and I admit that I am hooked, but it has also made me think. How many times has every single one of us said "This time next year, I'll....." and done absolutely nothing about it? What is stopping us from making the change? So what do the guests on the show want to change? All sorts of things – lose a lot of weight, overcome a stammer, have a baby, become a competitive body builder. All things that course of hypnotherapy can help with. Solution focused hypnotherapy