We're all getting curious about how Hypnotherapy works! | Lesley Leach Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy – the evidence "So, how does this hypnotherapy stuff work, anyway?" is a question I am often asked by sceptical friends and acquaintances. And I am happy to tell them. I am happy to talk about hypnotherapy, how it works, and how it can help them to make profound changes in their lives. I love telling them that hypnotherapy will help them to control their anxiety and stress, that it can help with skin conditions, IBS, help them to manage their weight, help them to have a calm and controlled birth, that it can help them to manage chronic ongoing pain. I can talk about it all day without stopping for breath! During my initial consultation, I explain how the brain works, how we have an intellectual brain, and a primitive brain that is trying to keep us alive, and how that primitive brain sometimes thinks it is doing the right thing but is in fact working against the intellectual brain. I explain that the primitive brain is negative, obsessive and not very innovative and so we