Schooled by an 11 Year Old! | Lesley Leach Hypnotherapy
I could have done with some hypnotherapy myself over the last couple of weeks! My 11 year old son has just started High school. He has moved from a tiny village school, in a class of 19 children and a total of 130 children in the school to a class of 30 children and a total of 1200 children. He has gone from me driving him to school and being taken across the road by a genial lollipop man to walking himself to the bus stop, crossing the road and getting a bus to and from school. He's my third (and last) child to go to High school, but the other two were girls, and somehow just seemed more together, and more ready for the transition. In his first week of high school, he got lost (a lot – though so did most of his class mates), the bus broke down, he missed the bus (well, more accurately, he watched the bus pull away, because he was not sure which one to get on), he lost his PE kit (well – he left it in the changing rooms and found it again in the Head of PE's office), and he left his