Overcoming your Inner Caveman! | Lesley Leach Hypnotherapy
The modern world is fast paced with a huge amount of distractions and pressures on our every day lives - social media, fashion magazines, gossip magazines, super skinny pop stars. Our problems are often thought of as 'first world problems' and a bit self-indulgent, and to some degree they are. The majority of us don't have to worry about a roof over our heads or where the next meal will come from or physical threats to our existence. But we still have the same physiological makeup as our caveman ancestors. We still utilise the freeze-flight-fight mechanism, be it a life-threatening incident or simply being late for a meeting. Deep in the heart of our original Primitive Brain, the Amygdala (the fight/flight centre) kicks into gear when it senses a threat of any type, and sends messages to the Hypothalamus telling it to get the body ready to act. The Hypothalamus floods the system with stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which makes your heart beat faster, palms go sweaty,