It's a Miracle! | Lesley Leach Hypnotherapy
I haven't blogged for a while - much as I've been telling myself to get on with it, just do it, I just haven't. But then 2 things happened. Firstly, I did an online training seminar with one of my Solution Focused colleagues all about the miracle question. What's the miracle question, I hear you ask - that sounds a bit airy fairy. The miracle question was developed by Steve de Shazer (a psychotherapist and pioneer of solution focused brief therapy) back in the early 80s. Its purpose was to shift the conversation quickly and easily into the future when the problems (that brought the client to therapy) were gone. It allows the client to start to imagine a positive future, identifying the (sometimes) tiny steps that will take them towards that future. The progression of the question and the answers leads the client to a very definite "doing" picture - if I was feeling better I would be cleaning my windows, and I'd be doing them as soon as the children have left for school. I'd be happy