Because It's Important... - Leotie Valhana
This is a book quote from Book One of The Shieldheart Series, Love in Civil War. This is an upcoming book written by Liliana Cresswell and myself. View this post on Instagram “Because it’s important to me that I know your opinion,” answered D’artanian. He lowered his eyes so that they were no longer looking into hers. “I’ve spent my whole life surrounded by people who tell me what I want to hear. They’re afraid of telling me the truth. They think that I’ll send them to prison for disagreeing with me. Or, in reality, that I’ll have my father put them in prison.” 📖🖋️ * * @theshieldheartseries By @leotie.valhana & @lilianacresswell * * #theshieldheartseries #bookquotes #bookstagram #nymeriashieldheart #dahliashieldheart #theshieldheartsisters #lilianacresswell #leotievalhana #authorsofinstagram #writingcommunity #writers #author #authors #writersofinstagram A post shared by Leotie Valhana (@leotie.valhana) on Jan 12, 2020 at 2:20pm PST Please follow and like: