You’re in growth process – why it’s important you keep your sense of humour? ⋆ L'Eclectique
Hi my beautiful souls, I’ve been thinking we all had a very intense year or work and inner work to improve ourselves and I thought that what I needed the most now is to laugh a lot. I think you might also need to laugh to relax a little bit in this storm of energies we’ve been through during almost 365 days. Whenever we think we have overcome a pattern, here is a new one to work on! It’s a growth process and as Mastin Kipp says “Don’t panic!”. More than laughing I think that it is very loving to keep our sense of humour during this growth process that is our life. Life is about change and growth is sometimes very painful. We experience breakthroughs, breakups, failures, loss etc. and this requires a lot of endurance and internal shifts to get to the next level of our lives. I really think that we all should take our power seriously still I think we also need to take some distance to laugh at ourselves and how we are doing and evolving. Laughing at ourselves is a way to accept our imperfections and if you have read “The Most Precious Love”, you already know that I think self-acceptance is a prerequisite. If you don’t accept yourself as you are: a piece of art in progress, no one can do this powerful love action for you. When you accept the fact that all your mistakes or pain can now be turned in your source of wisdom and greater love, you start to create experiences from a positive perspective We are all doing our best from our knowledge, understanding and awareness, and it’s good to look at ourselves with some humour because it’s a powerful way to love yourself. Positivity is something we really need during our creative process. Nobody is perfect and no one has it all figured it out! To have this ability to laugh at yourself sometimes is a real sign of maturity. When we laugh we can find compassion for ourselves and feel good vibes in your body and even share them to make them expand. We absofuckinglutely need those good vibes to feed our endurance and keep growing into grace. Laughing is a fulfilling therapy for your heart and it will liberate you from tensions & anxiety. So please, please, take some time to laugh and shift your …
Sarah Anouar