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L’Eclectique, independent magazine launched on December 18th, 2014, is an invitation to travel in the creation from East to West. This magazine is dedicated to feature talents who live in MENA region or have a passion/link with this region but not only. L’Eclectique encourages all forms of self-expression by creativity and art. Creation is the masterpiece of its pages. This magazine is a home for all the creative & warm people who want to make a soul difference with their lives. In 2018, L’Eclectique pursues its purpose and also takes a new direction adding the other passion of it’s founder : Self-help & self-empowerment. Sarah has decided to make this magazine a platform to encourage people to speak their truth and connect through arty stories. Self-help & creativity are a powerful way to break free & create a fulfilling life but also to heal, empower yourself & give meaning to your personal experience. Art is an expression of our innermost beings; it allows us to shift our perspective. On L’Eclectique, you won’t find a “classic organization” and separation between the different forms of arts. The founder thinks that all the creative expressions enhance each other somehow, and she wanted to display different languages for the name of the sections to show the rich multicultural context of this magazine. This website is organized in 5 sections: -“Wanderlust”, “Duende”, “Kare Dasti”, “ Soul To Soul” & “Heal Yourself with Sarah”. – « Wanderlust» is the name of the section of travels. An invitation to discover the world through the eyes of different artists. – «Duende » is the name of the section for all the artistic expressions & intellectual. In English “duende” can be define like the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person. – «Kare Dasti» is an expression from the Persian language meaning « handmade ». A section about fine arts expressions crafted by the hands. – « Soul To Soul» is the section for the articles on self-awareness, relationships, healing, personal develoment, self-empowerment & spirituality to create a life with purpose and meaning. It’s also the section where people share a personal story to bring awareness. This magazine has been created by a woman who has a deep passion for culture and travels. Sarah Anouar is graduated in law and international relations from Sorbonne University in Paris. She has founded this magazine from her heart, being inspired by her Mediterranean origins with the …